Dedicated Servers 

Dedicated servers are the de facto option for those wanting maximum control over their hosting, but not wanting to invest thousands of Euros buying Enterprise server hardware. We provide the bare metal whilst the client focuses on his own activities.

You will get full root access, given servers are unmanaged by us. These servers can be provisioned ‘managed’ accompanied with DirectAdmin too, where the control lies in our hands – therefore there won’t be any root access available to you. 

By default dedicated servers are connected to our distribution switches with a 1G RJ-45 connection. This can be upgraded to 10Gbits on demand. Each customer is situated on a own private VLAN on our fully dual stacked network AS44103. A /31 (IPv4) and a /64 (IPv6) subnet is configured by default with the option of having additional IP’s routed to your machine if required.

By default our dedicated are offered in the Serverius DC1 in Dronten, The Netherlands. On demand we can also provide this service in the QTS data centre in Groningen or the Docklands Data Centre in London, the United Kingdom.We are currently working to expand this service to the Asian-pacific region, starting with presence in Pune, India – this site is already operational and available as a custom configuration.

We exclusively offer custom configurations – just contact us with your requirements and we will get back to you.