LIR Services

Are you interested in learning more about BGP and routing? Have you always been wanting to build an Anycast CDN or DNS cluster? Need your own Autonomous System Number and a portable IPv4 / IPv6 assignment? We have got you covered!

As a RIPE NCC Member, also: a LIR (Local Internet Registry), registered with the RIPE NCC, we can offer all RIPE NCC related services.
We can become sponsoring LIR for your existing RIPE IPv4/IPv6 PI, or AS number resources.

We also offer a fully managed LIR service, where we handle the whole process from sign up to resource allocations.

You are also able to apply for IPv6 PI ranges or AS numbers through our LIR as an End User.

Note: currently we are only a member of the RIPE NCC and therefore only service End Users who are either a entity in the RIPE NCC service area, or operate a network within the RIPE NCC service area. Please refer to a local concolleague for resources in your local RIR service area.